Christmas 20+ frag raffle

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Each entry is $1 dollar.  Shipping will be $30 dollar if you win an item!!!

When you buy an entry, it will be part of the overall raffle.  I will assign 1 item per entry prior to the raffle, randomly. 

For example: Let's say you purchased 50 entries, and we end up with 25 items.  Each entry will be randomly assigned to 1 of the 25 items.  So when we spin each item, the entries assigned to that item will be put on the board.  This makes it fairer for all participants.

Can win multiple items!  

Entries open through Sunday 12/11


Drawing will occur on Monday 12/12 at 5PM PST

Do not need to be present to win!

Will include at least the follow (may include some multiple)

1. RRC Goldenrod 

2. BigR Candyland

3. JF Jolt

4. TRC Aquaman

5. WWC Pink Panther

6. SKA Jackpot

7.  TRC Night King

8. Vivid Insanity

9. JF Homewrecker

10. TRC Banana Rama 

11. CC Pink Highlighter

12. TRC Blanka

13. JF Sunday Driver

14. Peng’s Blue Monster

15. CSB

16. Oregon Duck Hammer

17. RRU Angry Bird

18. TRC Jumanji

19. RRU Angry Bird

20. RRC Mardi Gras

If we hit enough spots may include


Tyree Purple Monster

ASD HG Torch

+ Others