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TRC Coral Club Platinum $99/month




TRC Coral Club Platinum edition

I will put each of these corals on the wheel, the more members we get the more often we spin. $100 bucks/month to join - quit anytime you want. DM me if interested.

The prizes are divided into 4 tiers:

Tier 1 - SRC Panty Snatcher, MV Looney Tunes, RRU Angry bird - 1 instance on wheel
Tier 2 - TRC Cali Sunset, SBB Heisenberg, Stratopshere zoa - shows up on wheel 2 times
Tier 3 - JF Sunday Driver, TRC Jumanji, RRC Mardi Gras - 3 time
Tier 4 - CC Pink Highlighter, TRC Fruit Loops, Lg Insanity - 4 time.

Winner will pay actual shipping


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